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An otoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects the appearance of large or prominent ears.  Surgery to correct prominent ears is typically performed in children and teens, but can be performed in adults as well.  A consultation with Dr. Dec will help you understand the risks and benefits of surgery. 

An otoplasty is performed through an incision behind the ear so no visible scar is left behind.  The cartilage is sculpted and repositioned to improve the appearance of the ear.  The procedure takes approximately one to two hours.


After surgery, the ears may feel tender and will be covered with a protective dressing.  Dr. Dec will prescribe medications to reduce pain and risk of infection.  Patients typically return home the same day. 


Bruising and swelling around the ears are normal and usually take about two weeks to resolve.  Avoid trauma to the ears after surgery.  Sleeping with the head elevated on two pillows will help reduce swelling.  You may resume mild activities the day after surgery and strenuous activities after one month.  You will see an improved shape and position of the ears immediately after surgery.  The ears will look natural and fit harmoniously with the face. 


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