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The nipple and areola are important features of the breast.  A number of common nipple deformities that compromise the overall breast aesthetic can occur naturally or result from breast surgery.  Fortunately, these can be corrected with an eye for detail and good technical skill.  A consultation with Dr. Dec will help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for a nipple revision and help you understand the risks and benefits of surgery.


The aesthetically pleasing nipple should exist in harmony with the surrounding skin and breast tissue.  Ideally the nipple is positioned on the most projecting part of the breast.  In most cases the procedure can be performed with local anesthesia in less than an hour.  Patients typically return home the same day and resume normal activities in one day.


Bruising and swelling around the nipple are normal and usually take one to two weeks to resolve. Scars soften and fade over the course of several months. You will see an improved nipple shape immediately after surgery.


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