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A breast revision is a surgical procedure performed to restore a more youthful or natural contour of the breasts after breast surgery has already been performed.  It is commonly performed for women suffering from a breast deformity related to breast cancer, breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction.  A consultation with Dr. Dec will help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for a breast revision and help you understand the risks and benefits of surgery.


The techniques employed in a breast revision vary widely depending on your specific breast condition.  All of these options will be discussed during your consultation.  The procedure takes anywhere from one to three hours depending on the extent of surgery that needs to be performed.


After surgery your breasts may feel tender.  Dr. Dec will prescribe medications to reduce pain and risk of infection.  Patients typically return home the same day. 


Bruising and swelling around the breasts are normal and usually take two to three weeks to resolve.  Scars soften and fade over the course of several months.  You may resume mild activities the day after surgery and strenuous activities after one month.  You will see an improved breast contour immediately after surgery.


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