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Patient Resources


On  this  page  you  will  find  essential information about preparing for your breast reconstruction surgery. 

Being  prepared  can increase  comfort  and  convenience  during  the recovery  process. 

Your Consultation

There are many things to discuss during your office visit.  Dr. Dec will ask you about your concerns and general state of health.  He will examine you breasts and any other areas that may require treatment.  You will go over a series of before and after photos of patients with a similar body type who underwent a similar procedure.   You will learn about all the risks, benefits, alternatives, expected recovery, and long term results after having a breast reconstruction surgery.  There will be time to ask any questions you may have.  By the end of your consultation you will have a more complete understanding of breast reconstruction surgery and all your options.  This will help you make a truly informed decision about your health.

Following your consultation you will meet with one of our surgical coordinators to go over the steps for scheduling surgery.

As you can see your office visit is a very important first step to having surgery.  Your visit will be much more productive and informative if you come prepared.  You can prepare by studying the information pages of this website, and completing the new patient forms before arriving for your consultation with Dr. Dec.


New Patient Forms

To prepare for your consultation with Dr. Dec please download the New Patient Forms below.

The file contains editable PDF forms that you can print or conveniently complete on your computer.

Once you have completed the forms please bring them to your appointment.










Before & After Instructions

To prepare for your breast reconstruction surgery with Dr. Dec please download the Essential Guide for Patients below.  This guide contains  information about preparing for surgery and the postoperative recovery process.

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