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Following a significant weight loss your stretched skin may remain loose.  “After Weight Loss” surgery refers to a combination of body contouring procedures that may include abdominoplasty, body lift, arm lift, thigh lift and various breast procedures.  In some cases a facelift or a neck lift may also be performed.  Typically, body contouring is done in two or three stages depending on the extent of surgery.  A consultation with Dr. Dec will help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for After Weight Loss surgery and will help you understand the risks and benefits of surgery. 


The specific procedures performed at of each stage will vary depending on your goals and individualized plan.  Typically, excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining tissue is repositioned.  Incisions are hidden in inconspicuous areas.  The operating time for each stage is less than six hours.


After surgery the treated areas will be tender.  Dr. Dec will prescribe medications to reduce pain and risk of infection.  You should expect to have drains after surgery.  Depending on the procedure performed you may stay in the hospital overnight.


Bruising and swelling around the surgical sites are normal and usually take two to three weeks to resolve.  Scars soften and fade over the course of several months.  You may resume mild activities the day after surgery and strenuous activities after six weeks.  You will see an improved contour immediately after surgery, which will continue to improve as you heal.


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