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Not all breast cancers are treated with a mastectomy.  In many cases a lumpectomy, or partial mastectomy, can be performed. Your breast surgeon will guide you in deciding which option is best for you. 


The best aesthetic results from lumpectomy are seen in women with small tumors and relatively larger breasts.  However, even a lumpectomy may distort the breast contour; this becomes especially pronounced after radiation therapy.  Frequently plastic surgeons are involved in reconstruction after a lumpectomy to prevent these breast distortions from developing.


Lumpectomy reconstruction is based on the established principles of breast reduction and breast lift operations.  In all three of these procedures breast tissue is rearranged to create an aesthetic breast shape.


In cases where a significant amount of breast tissue is removed the symmetry between the two breasts can be disrupted.  This can be fixed by performing a breast reduction or breast lift on the healthy breast to restore breast symmetry.


Depending on the extent of surgery, drains may or may not need to be used.  Just as in a breast reduction procedure, most patients after a lumpectomy reconstruction are able to go home the day of surgery.


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Lumpectomy Reconstruction

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